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Tradition of the Bohemian Glass production


In order to enable the customer to make a picture of the glass production there is presented the brief description of the history and tradition of the Czech glass industry which products are well known all over the world.

The history of the glass production in Bohemia (former Czech lands) in the central Europe starts in about 3rd century BC. The strong development in this industry started in 8-10th century when the glass furnaces mostly used to produce the glass costume jewelry (bijouterie).The first written information about the production of the colored and painted glass for windows comes from 1276.


The first development of the glass industry in Bohemia starts in the second half of 14th century when about 20 manufacturers and glass furnaces have been registered. These manufacturers used to produce mostly highly decorated stemware glass. Further development of the glass production occurred in the end of 16th century focused on engraved and painted decorations.


The mass glass production in the Czech Republic started in the beginning of 20th century by way of automation of the production using the modern and sophisticated complete production lines. From this period most famous well-known crystal glass trademarks came into the world market being connected with the Czech Republic. Lately there were constructed two fully automated glass factories belonging to the biggest ones in the world and many of the others have been modernized.Long tradition of the Czech crystal glass is based mainly on the hand made products of the highest craftsmanship, skills, art and quality standards of the Czech glassmakers, glass blowers, glasscutters, glass decorators and designers.