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Tengler's Luminescent Enamel


Luminescent enamel is original Tengler’s technology. No other company from Bohemia used it before Tengler's Astra Gold for decoration of the glass. 


Tengler’s luminescent enamel is based on combination of special additions to enamel and on the unique style of ornamentation. It offers very interesting possibilities of decorating. With the usage of different colors of emitted light, we are able to create (secret) decors, which emerge just in the darkness! You don’t have to enjoy bohemia glassware and chandeliers just under the light! We have discovered natural beauty of the bohemia glass in the darkness!


This technology was inspired by the alchemic aspect of elemental (Sun – Lunar) metamorphosis. Our products are different in the daylight, and different in the night. The “change” is caused by quintessence, which is represented by the “small fire” – the shine of the luminescent enamel.




The main substance of luminescent enamel is luminescent pigment, which contains luminofor Europium oxide. Europium is chemical element from the lanthanoid group. Pure metallic Europium quickly oxidises into stabile oxide form. Europium cation is then able to absorb and safe the energy (the light) and reversely emit it back (in the form of the light). This ability is influenced by other addiction, like Aluminium oxide or Molybdaneum, which determines the time of the delay between the absorption and emission. The spectrum (color) of emitted light can by changed by the addiction of Ytterbium oxide. The Europium substance can theoretically shine after few minutes of daylight “charging” other few days!!! Tengler’s luminescent enamel usually shines into the darkness “just” for the other 2-4 hours to reach the greater flow of the light, but we are able to mix the enamel also for the longer times.




Europium is metal, which is more precious then Gold. The concentration of this element in the space is one atom of Europium per 400bilion atoms of Hydrogen. Scarcity of Gold is “just” 1:300 bilion. Imagine what a collection of the most precious ingredients our products are. They can be decorated with all the Gold, Platinum and Europium at once.

Our customers often ask if the luminescent substance is poisonous or even radioactive. The Europium oxide is very stabile, neither reactive nor radioctive. Official studies say that "no toxic effect on humans were detected". Download and read our Material Card, which consist the test of the harmful substances of the luminescent pigment here.  But you should not positively eat the luminous pigment. It hasn't got any nutrition value and tastes like a plaster. Because of the scarcity and nonsense of such a research no one knows the exact long-term effects of the daily consumption of Europium oxide. Anyway, Aluminium oxide is recognized as potentionaly harmful substance. Long-term consumption can cause serious diseases. 

If you would like to buy just the luminous pigment for your own purposes, write us on the We can also make some very unique product using this technology according to your wishes.