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Tengler's Very High Enamel


During the 20 century was made incredibly large amount of the glass improved with traditional bohemian high enamel technique. Bohemian high enamel spread the whole world.  But demand for traditional bohemian enamel products during last 25 years rapidly decreased. Bohemian high enamel glass producers should ask for the reasons of this phenomenon and find the best strategy for the future bohemian high enamel development, like Astra Gold does.


The large demand in the 20. century led to unification of the bohemian high enamel design. Deviation of the design was not accepted. The best producer’s strategy was to make the same goods like the competitors. Because of the stabile demand there was no need for the change and bohemian high enamel ossified in its development. Differentiation as the resource of competitive advantage was therefore not longer achievable. Price war started as the result of lack of tactical space.

Price wars led to adverse selection problem. Producers started to spare resources for their goods. The quality of the goods radically decreased and enamel workshops began to move into China or Vietnam. Prices and quality of high enamel goods started to fall.


Large amount of the mostly identical bohemian high enamel items caused customer’s saturation. The adverse selection problem (falling prices & quality level) caused that customers don’t see bohemian enamel glass as a good investment anymore.


Falling of demand has inner positive feed-back, which is hard to overcome. Traditional bohemian high enamel is inescapably on the retreat and many producers got into serious problems or bankrupted.


Tengler family therefore decided to develop radically new Very High Enamel technology and achieve new competitive position through the differentiation.


Traditional bohemian enamel is based on multilayer application of special dyes. Enamel elements are sculptured directly on the glass. This fact limits the possibilities of sculpturing. Tengler family uses for it's Very High Enamel radically different (and secret) substances and techniques. This opened new sculpturing possibilities.


With our new Very High Enamel technology we are able to make glass ornaments really massive and rich. Some of our products are similar to a rococo design. In a combination with oriental and modern motives we are able to make unique pieces, which our customers very appreciate. You can see the differencies between Traditional Bohemian Enamel and our Tengler's Very High Enamel here:


The traditional rose enamel motive held out Czech production over sixty years. The times are ready for the change. You can buy traditional bohemian enamel glass, one from the hundred million one the world, or you can buy unique Astra Gold's Very High Enamel product. Uniqueness and unequivocal identifiability of our products can bring to our customers interesting value.


Tengler’s Very High Enamel is available in the Roses product line. To give to our customers the possibility to choose between tradition and innovation, we are still developing also traditional high enamel glass items in the Bohemia High Enamel line