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Our strategy is focused on achieving customer value through individualization, exclusivity and unique technology. We appreciate a long-term cooperation with our purchasers. By a years persisting partnership we are able to develop exclusive product, which our customers truly appreciate. We welcome every idea which leads to improvement in our product, or which makes our trade routes more effective. We appreciate this kind of long-term cooperation by individual interesting discount, by individual design or by exclusive rights to sell our product in certain area.


Our glass is sold on many markets around the world. Middlemen of the bohemia glass segment buys in manufactures shops in Bohemia personally and spread the goods to the whole world. But most of the glass manufacturers have no idea to where their glass goes. They are fully depended on the middlemen visitations. We have decided to change it. We think that our customer may invite the direct trade contact with a bohemia glass manufacturer. For that reason we develop this website. If you want to start your business in the bohemia glass segment and you are looking for the stable partner who will help you succeed; or you simply want to buy some glass directly from the manufacturer for your own, do not hesitate to contact us.

Long-term cooperation


After registration you will obtain 10% discount (you can check in our e-shop) After confirmation of your registration you will obtain access to information about our discount system and to concrete hidden items of our products (with respect to their exclusivity). 

If you are interested in closer personal cooperation (with advantageous terms and discount), please contact us (by mail, skype or phone). The contact should include brief information about you and your ideas of future cooperation. Our administrators will discuss with you closer individual terms of supply and your discount. During the time we will offer you another benefits (suggestion of cost-effective shipment, another discounts, individual design, exclusive rights, etc.). You can whenever suggest new ideas and plans of our cooperation. Our best customers often become our informal friends and help us to create a family atmosphere of the firm.

If you prefer impersonal cooperation, we usually award discounts via automatic system of our e-shop. The value of dicount is obtained as a result of mathematical function, which takes into account fleece and duration of the business contact.