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Terms of purchases

1. Only persons older than 18 years are able to purchase products in our e-shop.

2. In order to make a purchase customer needs to be Signed Up or has to have filled up an order form.

3. By making a purchase the client agrees with all stated conditions. If purchasing conditions are not told explicitly, the shopping process is according to a commercial law of the Czech Republic (which is harmonized with EU law system and the Czech Republic is a member state of EU).


Ordering and payment: 

In order to make a purchase you need to register by filling in your login and password. Only you can use this login and password to register in our e-shop. The login and password is used by the system to identify the customers and let them check the state and the history of their orders.

The e-shop order has not any legal effect. After completing the order the client receives proforma invoice, which we send to a customer for confirmation. Customer may also return proforma invoice with remarks, or may cancel the order whenever till payment without any law consequences.

After confirmation of invoice without exceptions by the customer, Atra Gold, s.r.o. requests customer for the payment. By accomplishment and reception of the payment by Astra Gold, s.r.o. is established a legal relationship. If the payment is not accomplished and received, customer is legally indifferent to Astra Gold, s.r.o.

The payment is usually made by banking transfer or in cash (if personal contact is required by customer). Information and detailed conditions of the payment order are sent to a customer together with a proforma invoice. For details of payment process, please, click here...

At a case of small orders (till 1000 €), we assume that customer pays the invoice price at once.

At a case of large (and customized) orders, we may ask our customer for the advance payment, which is usually 50% from the value of the order. The rest 50% of the order have to be paid minimally in a day of the shipment. (Astra Gold, s.r.o. may discuss and change this term individually).


Item cancellation by Astra Gold s.r.o.:

The legal relationship is based just if the invoice is paid. When the customer has paid for the order already, we stipulate the possibility of ordered item cancellation. If we are not able to deliver wished item of the ordered product, we must inform customer immediately. This may happen if the wished exclusive product is very complicated, or if customer wishes to risk with unproven design. This rare case sometimes happens also by Astra Gold's fault.

If the amount of canceled product does not exceed 20% of the summary orders value, customer may not withdraw from contract. The value of cancelled product is subtracted from the total value of the order and money for canceled items is returned back at least in the day of the orders rest shipment. If cancelled product exceeds 20%, the customer may withdraw from contract. In that case we have to return all the value of the order till 7days since cancellation announcement.

We discuss every substandard event with the customer and try to find the solution.



Order cancellation by customer: 

The legal relationship is based just if the invoice is paid. Customer cancels his/her e-shop order by not paying proforma invoice without any other legal consequences.

If customer has paid the proforma, in case of order cancellation the customer has to send us an e-mail stating the number of order, which he/she cancels.

In case the customer already paid the order and Astra Gold, s.r.o. has already sent goods to the customer's way, the shipping cost and % (from 1 to 20%) of total order cost won’t be returned to the customer. The % depend on the design of the item the customer is buying. The more difficult item is, the more % of the total cost won’t be returned to the customer.


Time of delivery:

Orders are closely bounded with our production. Many orders have to be firstly produced. We hold just about 100 most sold items in stock.

Stock goods will be delivered to the customer within 21 working days, from the day we’ve received the payment for the design item that has been finished. Near destinations (EU) are delivered quickly. If we have some doubts about the time of shipment, we inform our customer immediately. If wished (and paid by customer extra), we may shorter the time of delivery as soon is possible. 

In case of exclusive, piecework or limited series goods the time of delivery depends on the type of product:

- individual order in quantity of 1 item will take 30 to 90 days to complete
- production of "normal" items will take 5 to 30 days to complete
- production of individual unique items will take 20 to 45 days to complete 
- production of large orders (over 3000€) might take 30 - 90 days to complete

In every case we send to a customer calculation of a delivery time.

Averages of “time of delivery” are in real about 50% shorter, but we may not guarantee it.


Delivery methods:

1. UPS or DHL - up to 5 days, safe and expensive way to deliver exclusive and unique items around the whole world. 


2. PPL - Delivery till 5 days around the Europe. Safe and not expensive way. Possible just for Czech Republic and EU. Price of the shipment is calculated for each destination individualy. 


3. Czech Post (priority sending) - maximum 14 days to deliver, safe and not expensive services around the world, usable just for orders till 500€ and just for some destinations.


4. Czech Post (economic sending) - 4-6 weeks to deliver. Cheap service, but without guarantees.  


5. Alternative haulers – maximum 5- 30 days to deliver, safe and usable for very large orders. Discussed and calculated individually.



The packaging is safe enough to transfer the items to the customer by post (hauler) services. We have designed special boxes just fit to each product. The boxes are esthetical, laid with fine cloth, and makes a good complement and preservation to our goods.


Return policy:

Return without the reason:

In the case of customer is not satisfied with the product he or she should send us goods back within 14 days from the taking of delivery. This possibility of return without reasons is valid just in the case that customer has not seen Astra Gold's goods personally and the goods haven't been modified according to the customer's wishes. The returned goods should be clean, not damaged and in original box from the design atelier.

Astra Gold, s.r.o. does not refund any shipment or insurance payments. Astra Gold, s.r.o. does not refund any goods which was bought directly in the Astra Gold's "stone" store in Česká Lípa. 

Return because of the low quality:

In the case of damages caused probably by low quality of our goods, customer may return it. Terms of returns depends according to the Czech law system upon the legal form of buyers.


  • Customers (physical persons): Astra Gold, s.r.o. grants standard 24 months guarantee for its goods. Astra Gold , s.r.o. grants just 6 months guarantee for goods which was modified according to the customer’s wishes. Terms of guarantees are according to the European directives and the Czech law system. Customer has to respect user manual to the goods. We don't accept and refund any goods damaged by misuse or by wrong use of our product. If the seller agrees with the return he must according to his wish either replace the damaged product with the new one or refund the money in the amount of product price.


  • Firms (legal person): According to the Czech law system Astra Gold s.r.o. may arrange the individual guarantees terms with the legal persons (firms). If the firm finds some mistakes in delivered goods, firm should send us a written complains within 1 month from the taking of delivery and has to add the list of returned goods, stating the number of damaged order and photo & word description of the fault. Before the shipment of returning goods, firm should send us an e-mail message with a copy of requested documents and should wait to our response. We don´t accept and refund any goods damaged by misuse or by wrong use of our product. Firm has to respect user manual to the goods. In the case of undoubted low quality of our goods, we accept return usually 24 months after the term of delivery. Every case is discussed individually. If the seller agrees with the return he must replace the damaged product with the new one or refund the money in the amount of product price.


Return because of damage during shipment:

Return of our goods because of the damage during shipment is not possible. For the case of the damage during shipment, we arrange insurance. The conditions of insurance are sent to customer before shipment. The incidence has to be announced immediately according to the conditions of insurance. The customer will be compensated from the insurance indemnity. The legal effect lies in relation insurance company - customer. Astra Gold, s.r.o. guarantees all close co-operation needed to liquidate insurance incident.