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Details of payment process

We accept money in cash or by account transmission.

We use external firm that provides foreign currency account transmissions – Akcenta

The firm service is compatible for money transmissions orders with most of countries with currencies $ and €. We usually make business in €.

We also accept our national currency - the Czech Crowns. Both ways: cash and transmission.


If requested, we might brighten the ways of payment: with VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, eBanka or PaySec. This is a possibility just in the case of large orders.

If you decide to pay in foreign currency by account transmission, watch this process, please:

1) Make an order in our e-shop

2) Our stuff controls if everything is OK in the stock and if we are able to delivery everything till the date. We discuss every not standard situation with a customer.

3) We create an individual account for receiving the money (usually Euros). This account is dynamic and we have to discuss exchange rates first for each transaction with Akcenta. That is the reason the account numbers for each transaction are different. For the account creation and smooth account transfer we ask our customer to fill a short form.

4) After that we send to our customer a proforma invoice with the current exact price in € (or $) and account information (for your money transmission order). The proforma price is usually not basically different from the e-shop summary price, but might reflect some exchange rate risks (especially for customers with very advantageous discount; for standard discount is exchange risks covered with the price). You can also send back the proforma invoice with recommendations. After that we will send you a new version of proforma, or we cancel the order.

5) Then we ask you for the payment order.

6) You can make a money order based on information from our proforma invoice. Akcenta should accept Dollars and Euros from every bank on the world.

7) After that Akcenta will convert your money into Czech Crown and sends it into our Czech Crown account. Then you will receive a confirmation that everything is OK and payment has just processed.