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Astra Gold Ltd.


All the products of Astra Gold are handmade originals. Astra Gold produces unique commodity by improving Bohemia crystal and Venetian glass with gilding, décor, high enamel and relief technology. The only owner is family Tengler, which holds the unique skill for generations. The regimes are changing, the family skill survives. Astra Gold Ltd. have been developed from a small private family manufactory of the late socialist “perestroika” era into one of the major producer of Bohemian glass.

Glassworking and alchemy


Bohemian glassworkers produce unique glass over thousand years. Golden age of the glass production arose 400 years ago, as Bohemia became the greatest center of an ancient art - the alchemy. The operations with glass believed to be one of the last operation to obtain the legendary philosophers stone, which was able (according to a legend) to turn every ordinary metal into a gold. We don’t know, if ancient alchemists were successful in their pursuance, but since that time we dispose the unique skill: the art of gold and crystal glass. Since the alchemy age, the bohemian crystal glass has natural conjuction with gold.




Bohemian Crystal Glass


Bohemian crystal glass was enabled by discovery that the addition of minerals like quartz and lead produced glass that was far more transparent, refracted and reflected light when decorated with cut designs, and made a pleasant ringing sound when tapped . Crystal glass, which was heavier than ordinary glass and more difficult to produce, could be used to make far more impressive objects. The development of this new type of glass began in Central Europe in the 17th century as a secondary product of alchemy research. It was named after natural rock crystal, which in medieval times had been frequently carved into decorative objects, some of which can be seen in European museums. More here...

Gilding & Platining

Glass is gilded by an application of a special golden organic amalgam layer, which evaluates in temperatures over 600°C in the oven into the pure 24-carate gold. "Gold is purificated in the fire", says old alchemic proverb. The silver layer is provided by a similar technology, using platinum organic amalgam. More here...

Unique skills

Family ambience of the company and handmade production enabeles to master unique skills and products: 



Protective layer
The layer of precious metal is covered by an additional protective layer, which guarantees stability of the golden layer instead of an aggressive environment and minimizes the risk of scratches. This is a necessity for daily use of the product. Any similar products from different manufacturers usually do not honour (or have no interest to evaluate) this protection and the gold layer is easy to wash, scratch or wipe it off.



Very High Enamel
The substantion of the Very High Enamel is a family secret known by just two people. It enables to make enamel elements very plastic. We are able to make glass ornaments really massive and rich. Some elements ascend more then 10 - 15 mm above the surface. We are able to develop product line according to stucco decoration of your palace. More here...





Luminescent enamel 

We can use special additions to enamel and unique style of ornamentation to make luminous enamel patterns. Just place our goods at shiny or lighted place. Enamel will absorb the light. When the Sun is down, or when you turn the lights off, enamel will be shining into the darkness for another 2-4 hours. All the products using this technology have “night” in its name. If you want to see the list of the “luminescent” products, search keyword “night” at this web. More here..



Unique design and commodities
Some of our products are very exclusive and we dispose them to just few customers. (Some sections of our e-shop are visible just for a singular customer). We are able to make glass with a brand name. We can also supply our customers with very original commodity (e.g. golden toilet or golden pavement with unique pattern, etc.). These products may be very expensive, but such is the price for the rarity and value.






Our partners: 

RTG - LED elements ; RTG - Geological Radar ; Amanita Design; Machinarium; Pension Rut